Window Tinting

MM Graphics are specialists in the window tinting business. Our reputation speaks for itself working with a wide range of large scale car dealerships and styling companies. Our fast and efficient team can install high quality and long lasting window tints to any vehicle (and some other things...) which will look good and importantly will be long lasting.

Automotive Tints

MM graphics work form our base in Magherafelt and can serve customers anywhere in Northern Ireland (NI) fitting window tints on site or at our purpose built window tinting bay here in the heart of mid ulster.

We only use the highest quality window tinting films and we can supply and fit a wide range from super slick privacy tints to light tints and everything in between. Our work is fully guaranteed and we can supply correct handling instructions for effective aftercare of your tints.

MM graphics would like to advise all of our clients that window tinting ion road going vehicles is governed strictly by law. Any infringement of this law will be met by a potential fine and or penalty points on your licence. As such we will not install any illegal tints on your vehicle. Call us today to discuss your requirements and our team will advise you on the best course of action for your vehicle.

More than just cars!

Window tinting is not just for vehicles! MM Graphics have worked with many residential and commercial companies to effect window tinting on properties and commercial premises. Wheather bothered by glare, an over inquisitive neighbour or for security purposes MM graphics can effect a suitable window tinting solution to work with your needs.

Our knowledge of products and techniques can be applied across any number of applications and the list is ever growing as we meet ever more adventurous clients.

Glass Frosting

More and more MM graphics are working with site managers and Quantity surveyors to deliver suitable frosted glass applications for a wide range of building projects. This frosted glass effect is a clean and modern solution to achieve a visual divide or additional privacy in stores, commercial premises or offices. The tendency to specify great panels of glass can present unique problems for project management teams should the use of the building be altered and areas require an additional element of privacy yet still benefit for the natural light. This applied vinyl solution is much more cost effective than sandblasted frosting, it is hard wearing and easily cleaned but crucially it can be returned to clean clear glass with a simple removal procedure.

This frosted effect can be used to great effect in a multitude of transparencies to create eye catching design or divides on windows – call our team today to discuss your requirements.