Show and Style

Your car is an extension of your personality or so it is said. At MM graphics we have a long list of clients for whom styling modifications went beyond bumpers and wheels. Let us create custom decals to make you stand out form the crowd.

Stand up and be different

The team now responsible for MM graphics cut their teeth in the graphics industry in the mid 90's when 16v stickers and fido dido rear screens ruled the scene. A lot has changed but Matt and his team have been right at the forefront of tuning styling and have produced graphics and wraps for some ultra successful feature cars.

Your graphics statement can be as unique or outlandish as you wish. From sticker bombs to manga art we have applied our touches tot he unique styling of show cars for over 20 years and the best part is no 2 cars are ever the same. A designers dream – we will rise to any challenge!

Wrap stars

Our team at MM graphics can wrap almost anything. No matter what your style from ultra clean to rat look we can deliver custom vinyl graphics and decal sets as unique as you are. Our work has been featured in several top tuning magazines on show winning feature cars. Vinyl wrapping is a fast and long serving alternative to paint. Be bold and select one of a massive range of colours and textures from neon and chrome to carbon fibre and even snake skin! The beauty of wrapping – once you are finished you can peel it off to return the car back to its initial condition.

Carbon Wrapping

We can add that racing edge to the interior and exterior of most vehicles. Our team can apply the latest textured carbon effect wrapped vinyl to dash sections roof panels or any surface you want.